Estrone-progesterone interaction in the development of oviduct in immature quail (Coturnix Coturnix japonica)
K. K. Reddy, V. K. Goel, and N. K. Bhattacharyya

Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.1992. 23:37-42.

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The effect and interaction of exogenous sex steroids progesterone (P) and estrone (Es) on the immature quail oviduct system was studied. Whether injected concommitantly with Es from day one of treatment or after varying duration of Es priming, P exercisedan inhibitory effect on Es induced increase in oviduct weight only after 4 days of treatment. In contrast our earlier observations with estradiol (E) revealed such inhibition after 3 days of treatment itself. Evidently Es lags behind E by one day in inducing optimum receptor concentration for P to exert its action. Progesterone, however, did not exercise inhibition on the temporal pattern of Es induced ovalbumin and ovotransferrin synthesis in the immature quail oviduct. It is concluded that the interaction between Es and P differs marginally from that between E and P.