Effect of turmeric on performance of Arbor Acres plus strain of broiler chicken
T. A. Sunmola and C. D. Tuleun


Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.2023.54(1):79-85

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T. A. SunmolaPh.D. Scholar, Department of Animal Nutrition, College of Animal Science, University of Agriculture, P.M.B. 2373,Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.

C. D. TuleunProfessor, Department of Animal Nutrition, College of Animal Science, University of Agriculture, P.M.B. 2373,Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.


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Received: 03.08.2022 Accepted: 07.01.2023 Published online: 31.03.2023

Corresponding author: T. A. Sunmola

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Citation Sunmola,T. A. and Tuleun,C. D. 2023. Effect of turmeric on performance of Arbor Acres plus strain of broiler chicken. J. Vet. Anim. Sci. 54(1):79-85



This study was conducted to investigate the performance response of Arbor Acres plus strain of broiler chickens fed turmeric treated diets. A total of 120 day old broiler chicks were allocated to four dietary treatments, with three replicates, having 10 birds per replicate. The dietary treatments consisted of the control diet (T1) with 0 % turmeric powder and T2, T3 and T4 with turmeric powder added @ 0.20, 0.25 and 0.30 % of feed respectively. Results showed that average final weight and daily weight gain were not significantly influenced (P>0.05) across the treatments. The average daily feed intake and feed conversion ratio of the broilers differed significantly (P<0.05) amongst the treatment groups. Turmeric supplementation showed a significant decrease in feed conversion ratio and in turn improved feed efficiency. Dietary turmeric had no significant effect on nutrient utilization across the dietary groups. Significantly higher dressing percentage was obtained in broiler group fed 0.30 % turmeric powder while other carcass cuts and internal organs did not differ significantly. Turmeric powder had no significant effect on total protein, albumin, globulin and glucose, whereas, dietary effects of turmeric on AST, ALT and ALP decreased significantly in 0.30 % turmeric fed group. It was concluded that turmeric at 0.30 % had a positive influence on feed conversion ratio, dressing percentage and oxidative stress indicators in broiler chickens. Therefore, inclusion of turmeric powder at 0.30 % is recommended.

Keywords: Broiler chickens, feed additive, turmeric powder, performance