Effect of ginger extract on sensory quality of spent Japanese quail meat tandoori
D. Santhi, A. Kalaikannan and K. Rajendran


Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.2023.54(1):98-104

Author Details

D. SanthiAssistant Professor, Veterinary College and Research Institute, Orathanadu

A. Kalaikannan Associate Professor, Regional Research and Educational Centre (RREC), Pudukkottai

K. Rajendran : Assistant Professor, Veterinary College and Research Institute, Namakkal


Article History

Received: 20.09.2022 Accepted: 05.12.2022 Published online: 31.03.2023

Corresponding author: D. Santhi

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Citation Santhi,D., Kalaikannan,A. and Rajendran,K. 2023. Effect of ginger extract on sensory quality of spent Japanese quail meat tandoori. J. Vet. Anim. Sci. 54(1):98-104



Spent Japanese quail (SJQ) meat was tenderized with ginger extract and utilized in the preparation of tandoori. The ginger extract level for tenderization of SJQ meat was optimized by physico-chemical and sensory analyses. The SJQ meat was treated with two levels of ginger extract and used for tandoori preparation along with two controls (broiler quail meat and spent quail meat). Japanese quail tandoori was prepared as four treatments namely CYB (Control young broiler), CSA (Control spent adult), G20 (Spent adult - ginger treatment 20%) and G40 (Spent adult - ginger treatment 40%). The aqueous ginger extract was prepared from fresh ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinale Roscoe). The SJQ was marinated in ginger extract marinade, tumbled, and placed in the chiller (4±1⁰C) for 24 hours and utilized for tandoori preparation. The cooked tandoori of all the treatments were analysed for the physico-chemical and sensory parameters. With ginger extract marination, the pH of cooked tandoori was not affected and the product yield was improved. In the organoleptic evaluation, the appearance score increased in the treatment with 20% ginger extract. The flavour score was significantly (p<0.05) higher in CYB and G20. The SJQ was significantly (p<0.05) tenderized by treatment with 20% and 40% ginger extract. CYB and G20 had significantly (p<0.01) higher scores for overall acceptability scores. It is concluded that 20% ginger extract level could effectively be used to tenderize the SJQ meat for the preparation of tandoori without affecting the physico-chemical and sensory properties.

Keywords: Spent Japanese quail meat, tenderization, ginger extract, sensory quality