Prevalence of helminth parasites of camels (Camelus dromedaries) in the Anseba region of Eritrea in North East Africa
Basharat Ahmed Pandit, Michael Kahsay, Sanjay Devarajan and Paulo Luis Valerino Cambra

Hamelmalo Agricultural College, P. O. Box No. 397, Keren, Eritrea, North East Africa

Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.2013. 44:81-82.

Open Access

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The prevalence of helminth parasites in the camels of Zoba Anseba was studied. For the study a total of 230 fecal samples were collected and investigated. The investigation showed an infection rate of 46.08%. The helminthe ova identified were Strongyle 98 (92.45% ), Trichuris sp 21(19.81%) Moniezia sp 9(8.49%) and Fasciola sp 2 (1.88%). Mixed infection with two to three species of helminths was recorded. The infection rate due to various helminths in males and females as well as young ones and adults were non significant (P > 0.05). 

Keywords:- Helminth parasites, Camel,North east Africa