K. B. Sumena, K. M. Lucy, J. J. Chungath, P. Kuttinarayanan, N. Ashoks


Histology and regional distribution of the stratum lucidum of the epidermis in Large White Yorkshire pigs were studied using 12 animals of six to fen months of age. Skin samples of 2 cmz area were collected immediately following exsanguination from eight areas of the body viz., the snout, dorsal nasal, dorsal neck, ventral neck, dorsal abdomen, lateral abdomen, ventral abdomen and carpal regions. Stratum lucidum appeared as a clear, bright, homogenous, strongly eosinophilic layer consisting of flattened, compact, eosinophilic cells without clear cell boundaries and the nucleus. A definite stratum lucidum was seen only in the snout, dorsal nasal and ventral abdominal areas.

Keywords: Stratum lucidum, Skin, Large White Yorkshire pig

Skin is a turbulent tissue and it grows, differentiates and renews itself continuously. The high prolificacy, short generation interval, fast growth rate and other biological advantages contribute to the selection of pig as a biological experimental model in the field of research. Because dermatologic, cutaneous, K. B. Sumena', K. M. Lucy2, J. J. Chungath3, P. Kuttinarayanan° and N. Ashoks Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Histology College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Mannuthy - 680 651, Thrissur, Kerala pharmacologic and toxicological studies in human beings utilise the skin from swine, a thorough knowledge of its structure in different body regions is important. Hence, the present work was undertaken to study the regional histology of the stratum lucidum of the epidermis in Large White Yorkshire pigs. This study is contributory to the existing anatomical knowledge and will form a basis for further physiological, pathological, biochemical and cosmetic studies.