P. M. Rojan, K. A. Bindu, K. V. Raghunandanan and K. C. Raghavan


Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.2009. 40:26-28.


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A complete 3 x 3 diallel cross was performed to study the growth performance of rabbits belonging to three different breeds namely White Giant (WG), Soviet Chinchilla (SC) and Grey Giant (GG) at the University Rabbit Farm, Centre for Advanced Studies in Animal Genetics and Breeding, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy,Kerala. Growth records of F1 progeny were taken at fortnightly intervals up to fourteen weeks of age. Kits were weaned at four weeks. The data corrected for significant non-genetic effects were used for estimating genetic parameters. Heritability, genetic and phenotypic correlations were estimated by paternal half sib correlation method separately for different breeds and for pooled population. Heritability estimates of weight at fourth, twelfth and fourteenth weeks were 0.380±0.239, 0.657±0.379 and 0.727±0.407 respectively, indicating effectiveness of selection for body weight at weaning age. Genetic and phenotypic correlations of body weight between immediate age groups were greater than those widely separated. The genotypic correlation between second and eighth week body weight were high and positive.

Key words: Rabbit, growth performance, diallel, heritability and phenotypic correlations