Ajith Jacob George, K. M. Ramachandran, A. Rajan , K. T. Punnoose and C. B. Manomohan


Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.2008. 39:14-17.


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A study was undertaken to transplant bovine ethmoid tumour cells into calves immunosuppressed with hydrocortisone. Twelve calves were equally grouped into two groups of control and immunosuppressed group. Trypsinized single cell suspension of reshly taken bovine ethmoid tumour was inoculated subcutaneously into a!I the calves. The animals were observed for four months. At the end of the observation period the calves were sacrificed and site of inoculation was taken for histopathology. The tumour failed to grow in calves even after providing favourable conditions. Haematological studies were also done to evaluate the immuno-competency of the animals. The failure to transplant bovine ethmoid carcinoma cells subcutaneously in calves even though majority of the requirements were satisfied maybe due to the absence of some unknown factors required for the growth of neoplastic cells.

Key words :  Bovine ethmoid carcinoma cells, homologous transplantation