P. Thirumurugan, P.C. Saseendran, C.K. Thomas, Namsui Thou and George Mathen

Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.2003. 34:64-70.

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Average time spent actually in routine farm operations was nearly five and half hours (67%) out of 8 hours of total working time. The labourer who worked in type II shed had spent highest time (340 min) and labourer worked in type I shed had spent lowest time (302.6 min) on farm operations and the difference is 37.7 min. There was little difference in time spent among the labourers worked in same type of sheds. Average distance travelled for routine farm operation was 825 m. Average man minute spent and average man metre travelled per average adult unit was 10.25 minutes and 26.25 meters respectively. The time spent on sweeping and flushing of ground floor beneath wood slatted area could be reduced considerably by construction designs of ground floor in such a way that providing sufficient slope towards main gutter and making small gutter along the length of slope for immediate drainage of urine and spill water from water trough.