COMPARATIVE MIGRATORY PATTERN OF Ascaris suum, Toxocara vitulorum AND Toxocara canis IN A RABBIT MODEL
S. Pramanik and N.K. Sasmal

Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.1995. 26:53-55.


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Comparative migration and distribution of A. suum, T. vitulorum and T. canis larvae in the tissue of rabbits infected orally with 5x104   infective eggs for 63 DPI period were studied. Total larval yield at necropsy revealed 0.484- 6.658%, 0.12-4.364% and 5.24-17.46% recovery respectively from infected rabbits. Peak larval recovery was noticed on 7,3 .and 14 DPI respectively and liver was the prime organ where maximum larvae inhabited. Among the three ascarids, only T. canis larvae crossed the blood brain barrier and reached the brain in good numbers