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Volume: 55 Issue: 1

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Effect of feeding different levels of rumen undegradable protein on growth and economics of production in female crossbred calves

B.O. P. Reddy1*, S.J. Bunglavan2, K. Ally1, G. Sherin1 and S. George3

1. Department of Animal Nutrition

2. ULF & FRDS, Mannuthy

3. Department of Livestock Production and Management

College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy, Thrissur- 680 651 Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Kerala, India

*Corresponding author: [email protected], Ph. 9182579515

Year: 2024, Page: 83-87, Doi:

Received: Sept. 27, 2023 Accepted: Dec. 19, 2023 Published: March 31, 2024


A feeding trial of 120 days was conducted in crossbred calves to examine the impact of feeding varied levels of rumen undegradable protein on growth and economics of production. Eighteen weaned female crossbred calves of age ranging between six to nine months were chosen from University Livestock Farm and Fodder Research and Development Scheme (ULF & FRDS), Mannuthy and randomly allotted to three dietary treatments (CP 20%, TDN 70%) varying in undegradable protein levels: Control- 35%; T1 -45%; T2 – 55%, respectively of total CP. The experimental calves were given feed as per ICAR standards (ICAR, 2013). The average daily gain (ADG) and total body weight (TWG) were similar between groups. The average feed cost per kg body weight gain was considerably (P<0.05) lower in T1 and T2 groups compared to control. Thus, it was determined that feeding concentrate mixture (20% CP and 70% TDN) with an RUP level of 45 per cent of total CP was economical without affecting the growth rate of calves.

Keywords: Rumen undegradable protein (RUP), daily gain, growth, economics


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