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Preparation and analysis of bovine platelet rich fibrin gel with special emphasis on histology and scanning electron microscopy

Karthik A. 1*, Laiju M. Philip1, John Martin K.D.2, Syam K. Venugopal1, Surej Joseph Bunglavan3 and Ajin S. Kumar1

1. Dept. of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology, College of Veterinary and Animal Science, Mannuthy, Thrissur - 680 651

2. University Veterinary Hospital, Kokkalai

3. University Livestock Farm and Fodder Research and Development Scheme, Mannuthy

Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Kerala, India.

*Corresponding author: [email protected], Ph. 7012497815

Year: 2024, Page: 88-93, Doi:

Received: Oct. 3, 2023 Accepted: Dec. 18, 2023 Published: March 31, 2024


Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) has gained recognition as a regenerative biomaterial with potential applications in soft tissue healing. The study was aimed to prepare bovine origin platelet rich fibrin gel and characterisation by histology and scanning electron microscopy. PRF gel was prepared from venous blood collected from cross-bred postpartum dairy cattle centrifuged at 3200 rpm for 12 minutes. Histology and scanning electron microscopy revealed a compact fibrin network and the cells were distributed within PRF gel. The findings could provide a comprehensive understanding of cellular and matrix composition of bovine PRF gel, essential for its effective clinical application.

Keywords: Platelet rich fibrin gel, histological analysis, scanning electron microscopy, bovine PRF


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